Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Check out this piece from the Chicago Tribune. An interesting and humorous opinion on the CBS memo debacle.

Sunday, September 12, 2004


"Damn" is more dignified than "Oof."

Thursday, September 09, 2004


Thanks to James for the link. The fact that Planned Parenthood has its fingers as deeply as it does in the education system and is able to peddle this sort of tripe to first graders is ridiculous. As ridiculous as it would be if some association of firearms manufacturers and dealers were supplying the materials for gun education to the public schools, reading something like this...

...By Age Five
Children need to know that

owning and shooting guns should make people feel good and safe
deriving pleasure from firearm use is normal
firearms come in different sizes, shapes, and colors
guns belong to whoever owns them, and no one can tell them how to use them

Children need to be able to

use correct terms for all basic firearm components, including the essential breech mechanisms
talk about all these without feeling "naughty"
touch and play with their personal toy firearms for pleasure

And so on and so forth.

Not to say that the above are necessarily untrue, nor that the claims of the Planned Parenthood pamphlet are manifestly untrue (though I believe that they are). Rather to say that Planned Parenthood has a vested financial interest in educating children in sexual license. They make their money off licentious people, just as the gun makers and dealers have their livelihood in selling guns. That we allow people with such blatant ulterior motives to come anywhere near the education of this country's children is simply, blaringly and patently ridiculous.

On another note, however, I must agree with the pamphlet that sexual education of some sort needs to begin at age five--at the latest. I remember being five, and I remember how sexually aware I was--and it was a lot more than most conservatives or Christians would like to admit.

But the last thing I needed back then was to be told to get used to it and give into my desires so that someone could make money off my passions a few years down the road.