Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Yeah, I'm still around. I'm very active right now in a couple discussions, over at the Ockhamist and at Bob Golding's. Banned books, sex ed and Church/State are the topics. Fun stuff. Check it out.


Xana Ender said...

I decided not to even get involved in those discussions. I think my thought processes are so different to make such discussions "vain". However, I would like to discuss with you a little.

I must say it scares me that I largely agree with you:-) So, at least you have support from the radical, charismatic(!), commune-loving hippie;-)

I always wonder to myself: If we could spend half the energy into pressing into the Lord, serving others, and putting our resources into helping the poor and needy that we do into trying to furthering our political agenda would not this world be more radically changed? God has given us our job, and it has little to do with controlling others through imposing laws and a LOT to do with loving others and serving them and evangelism. There are Christians in politics setting policy and that may not be bad, but we should remember that our PRIMARY job is to love God and then others. Not take our laws and impose them on others. No wonder the church today is so "works-y" All this trying to further our political agenda through our energy, time, and resources at the expense of what should be of primary importance to us does is waste time. I also think it shows that most Christians think government has the power to engineer a good society, but God doesn't. There is no legal 'formula' which will make a nice, happy, 'Christian' society. The only thing that can change the fundamental sin-nature of man (and create 'good' society) is God. Maybe we should do our job, as given us in scripture, and we should let God then do His. (I am not saying that God cannot work through His people do effect social change, but I think it looks a LOT different from how we think. I guess I think loving and serving the poor, the rejected, the forgotten, and the needy would doa lot more to change our world that to institute one law that does little other than further a Christian agenda. i.e. having "under God" in the pledge of allegiance. *gasp* )

all-righty. dem's my sentiments.

Mr. Gugg said...

Seems to me you're saying the same thing I am. Good on ya. ;)